BrenTuning E85 Ethanol Tuning For Your S1000RR
BrenTuning E85 Ethanol Tuning For Your S1000RR 02.11.2017

BrenTuning E85 Tuning Solutions Available for your S1000RR!

BrenTuning S1000RR E85 Tuning

Notes: The BrenTuning E85 kit is an *expert level installation* ONLY – If you are not ready to diag/troubleshoot issues, spend money on having someone else do it, or do not want to pay for dyno/diag time, this modification is NOT for you. While it works very well, there are many hands in the pot here and tons of room for error, this will all need to work in unison for proper implementation. Being an expert level modification, once we complete the order, there is no install or diagnostic help available from the BrenTuning staff other than our “how-to”.

To be E85 compatible, you will need to purchase our E85 “Full Kit”. The Full Kit is the only way that your motorcycle will be ethanol compatible. This will require some time to install, it is not simply “plug and play”. If you are not comfortable with doing this, please have a professional do so, remember, there is no tech support on the BrenTuning side for this.

Ethanol maintenance and owner’s guide

While testing our built motor kit 2+ years ago, we found that we needed a fuel pump solution that could keep up with the high power levels. We created a great motorsports grade fuel pump which fixed our fueling problems, then we began our ethanol testing on it. With any new product, we wanted to make sure it worked flawlessly under all conditions before public release. We tested the pump on Ethanol extensively and it turned out to work great, we have a revised pump and kit 2+ years later. By upgrading to our fuel pump and running new ethanol rated hosing, the factory injectors when controlled (all 8) can be tuned in a configuration compatible with Ethanol. The rest of the factory BMW system, is VITON rubber ethanol compatible.

Why Ethanol? Simple — to bring the octane and cooling properties of Ethanol fuel right to your race bike, allowing it to compete at the highest level while saving your pocket and the convenience of filling up at your local gas station. The days of $30/gallon MR12 pails are over along with short runs and heavy fuel conservation. No more need to haul and store stinky MR12, draining the tank after every use to avoid gumming up the system and conserving the expensive fuel. The beauty of E85 is how accessible it is, along with the sub $2/gallon cost. With the octane properties of 105, Ethanol allows for power output to be on par or exceed MR12 power gains! With the BT ethanol kit you will find incredible power gains with long term cost savings far exceeding the initial investment, especially for those who are frequently using MR12. Additionally, you will no longer worry about damaging your O2 sensors, filling your motor with lead deposits, or the infamous white exhaust and smell! Ethanol has been proven to support up to a 50 shot of nitrous as well which we will be offering custom solutions for in the very near future (talk to your sales rep).

We sought out to get the BMW S1000RR Ethanol compatible so users can experience the power benefits of Ethanol fuel, which is easily available at many gas stations, instead of paying $30+ per gallon for race fuel with similar (or lower) results! On our basic calculation for the 8 injector settings of the RR, we found that it supplied roughly 320+HP in 91/93 fuel and roughly 270+HP on ethanol when paired with a properly spec’d 250+LPH fuel pump. This means there is plenty of head room in the fueling setup from the factory! Given the amount of error in Ethanol and custom setups we decided we had to do something about the ECU controlling fueling using the OEM narrowband sensors and open loop fueling. Setting this up for different varying Ethanol qualities was very cumbersome and would require custom dyno tuning of each fuel and ECU map switching. This is due to the fact that Ethanol content can swing drastically from pump to pump. One pump can be 85% Ethanol and the one next door 40%. This is why we implemented the autotune system as a requirement.

We wanted to create a kit featuring the most commonly used parts on the market along with our own parts with the ability for users to custom tune (automatically) any fuel quality at any time in the event of no E85 stations on the ride. We wanted this to work flawlessly like an OEM bike. Given the criteria and the fact that 80% of the customers we talk to who have piggyback fuel setups are using a PC5, we opted to go this route. However, we have also created Bazazz maps — as the factory Bazazz system utilizes 8 injectors, it’s just the autotune and map switch which is needed if running 2 fuels. With their module, autotune, map switch and the 8 injector setup, our fuel pump and mapping, ethanol can seamlessly be ran in your 2010+ S1000RR.

Customers often ask about gains when running ethanol, we will tell you that the overall gains are similar (or better) to what you would find when running MR12 in the motorcycle. Every dyno is different and chasing dyno numbers simply leads to disappointment as most shops do not understand how to properly dyno the S1000RR to maximize numbers. The gains over pump fuel are immediately noticeable. Midrange is even better then MR12 and top end is similar. In addition to power, Ethanol runs about 20 degrees cooler than a comparably setup MR12 bike. This is a huge deal on the 2015+ bikes especially with the known head bolt issue. This is a modification for someone looking to fully optimize their S1000RR in a racing environment.

Full kit includes:

Power Commander 5 (PC5) 


SFM8 – 8 Injector control via PC5 

Map Switch 

BrenTuning E85 fuel pump and fuel line kit

BrenTuning E85 Specific mapping

Available Here

*Must be flash users already*

Secondary kit:

Available to those customers who are already setup with the “Full kit” but are missing the fuel pump and specific mapping, these options pertain to you:

2010-2014 S100RR – BrenTuning E85 Fuel pump and line kit / PC5 fueling basemap along with ECU flash update. Available HERE

2015-2016 S1000RR – BrenTuning E85 Fuel pump and line kit / PC5 fueling basemap along with mail-in flash update. Available HERE

*Must be flash users already with the full kit listed above*

Cost savings:

For those of you who frequently use MR12 race fuel you will really enjoy the benefits of Ethanol. MR12 is $150/5 gallons here at our shop, the local pump to us with E85 is $2/gallon. I quickly polled our customer base and the average amount of MR12 our customers who use it go through per year is around 25 gallons. This equates to $750 in MR12 per year. For those of you using the same amount of ethanol, it would cost $50 over the course of a year!


Q: Does ethanol use more fuel?

A: Of course – this is a racing scenario. It will use 25% more fuel then pump fuel. It is a lot cheaper and accessible AND a lot more powerful then pump fuel. It’s a trade off.

Q: I already have a power commander, autotune, and no flash what do I do?

A: At this time the benefits of E85 are in the flash software, so we are not selling or supporting to outside users as the flash is 70% of it.  Pick up our E85 flash and fuel pump kit and we’ll handle the rest for you.

Q: I have a power commander and my boy is the best tuner, I’m just going to tune it for E85, I don’t need your kit.

A: In less than 3 week of E85 use, our test bike’s stock fuel pump was non-responsive and the OEM fuel lines had rotted out and were spraying fuel inside the tank.

Q: Can I use ethanol every day?

A: Of course, no long term issues with ethanol unlike many leaded race fuel. We have an ethanol how-to document for those who use regularly and the maintenance that comes along with it.



– Zeitronix Ethanol Content Kit – This will display live ethanol content 

– Dynojet (POD-300) Display PC5 & Wideband data 

– Viton S1000RR O-Ring Fuel Kit (Coming soon)


***This can apply to Ignite fuel, C85 etc for even better results.

***We will not troubleshoot or support “used” power commanders and accessory installs.

***Due to being an expert level modification, we do not supply support or warranty further than what the manufacturer supplies.


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  • “ Bike is running awesome and no out of the ordinary popping under load during downshifts at high rpm. My hats off to your team for making me feel like I have a personal tuner at my disposal. Really appreciate the quick turnaround to get me straight. I can definitely feel the extra power! ”

    Andy Young - Maryland Aug 28, 2018
  • “ This product is amazing.  I feel like I have a better version of my bike.  Like it should have come this way.  The throttle smoothness and even power band make it a joy to ride.  I no longer feel as if I'm riding a wild bronco lol. Thank you again, I didn't think that a L-twin could behave this well.  Also, your customer service is the best.  I could always reach you by email or phone.  I will tell everyone I know about this fantastic addition.  Keep up the great work, guys! ”

    Dan Martinez May 01, 2017
  • “ I have a 2015 S1000RR and was extremely skeptical when I heard about BrenTuning and the power they got out of an ECU flash.  After speaking with the team at BrenTuning, all my hesitations were put to rest and I haven't stop winning first place trophies since! BELIEVE THE HYPE! ”

    Troy Gleason - California Jul 10, 2016
  • “ Bren and his team did an awesome job on my bmw s1000rr. Went from 179rwhp an 83 rwtq to 206 rwhp and 93rwtq. Customer service was great and I highly recommend them for any of y'all that want to make that power!! ”

    Paul Jackson - Texas Jul 10, 2016
  • “ Purchased the tune for my 2015 BMW S1000RR. Was skeptical at first and initially had a bunch of questions. Chris was very patient with me and answered them all. Had some problems after receiving my ecu back and Chris was very helpful in getting all my issues worked out. Bike runs fantastic. Definitely worth it. Thank you again guys for dealing with my questions and taking care of everything before and after the purchase. Fantastic customer service. ”

    Cody Hunsucker - Tennessee Jul 10, 2016
  • “ After doing some research it was obvious that Brentuning was the best option for tuning of my S1000RR. I wont go into details but after multiple overnighting of parts to me at no additional charge, I'm really impressed and satisfied with the end result and I haven't even tried out my race fuel tune yet! To top if off I received a random care package of goodies from Chris today. The customer service at Brentuning is probably the best I've received from any business I've dealt with. Their email response times are unreal as well, lol. Literally sometimes instantly, kinda weird. lol. I would recommend any and everyone to Brentuning for your S1000RR tuning solution. If anyone has any questions or are hesitant before purchasing, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll help / assist / give you a more detailed opinion on my experience as well. ”

    Trey Hull - Texas Jul 10, 2016
  • “ I have the Bren Tuning ECU flash on my 2015 BMW S1000RR and it is unbelievable how fast this bike is. This tune is the best thing I got for my bikes. I have also did the Bren Tune for my 2014 BMW S1000r for which it just made this bike really nice. Bren Tuning is the best. ”

    Darnell Edwards - Maryland Jul 10, 2016
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