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This World Record BMW S1000RR is BrenTuning Flashed
This World Record BMW S1000RR is BrenTuning Flashed 08.05.2019

Congrats To Our Friends in Bahrain

We sponsored this BMW S1000RR in Bahrain because this team has amazing potential and willing to do what it takes to build the fastest bikes on the planet. Now receiving praise from the Gulf’s most popular motoring magazine, we feel proud to be part is this build and the amazing people that put this bike together. After all, BrenTuning is only part of this amazing world record bike.

From Arabia Motors:

We knew as soon as we saw this BMW S1000RR that this bike wasn’t messing around. Turns out (at the time of writing this) that this Badass is currently the quickest Naturally Aspirated S1000RR in the world! Climbing on the back of a BMW S1000RR during the E.K, Kanoo Drag & Drift event, rider Mohamed Nawaz AlBalushi managed to reach a speed of 271kph in 8.05 seconds. BMW S1000RR Expert Wael Al Dhaen helped build this KWS Racing-Built machine, which cranks out a crazy 210+ rear wheel bhp without a Turbo, a Supercharger or a Nitrous system! Instead, he’s installed a lengthened swingarm, Sprint Filter P08, BST Wheels, an Akrapovic exhaust, a custom fuel map by Bren Tuning and other supportive mods. To put that in perspective, a 1990s street bike drag racer, riding a custom-built big-block machine armed with a turbo and even nitrous, would have killed for a time in the 8-second bracket. Unbelievable! 271kph in 8.05 secs! Their next goal is to break into the 7 second mark and by the looks of it, it’s only a matter of time.



BIKE: 2015 BMW S1000RR

OWNER: Sulaiman Al Bader

RIDER: Mohamed Nawaz AlBalushi

MODS: Built Engine from KWS Racing USA,
Sprint P08 F1 Filter, Reflashed ECU by Bren
Tuning USA, Brock’s Performance Lowering
Links & Front Straps, BST Carbon Fiber Wheels,
Ceramic Coated Bearings, MMR lightweight
rear brake rotor, Evil Swingarm, Evans waterless
coolant, Samco radiator hose.
Special thanks to KWS Racing USA, BrenTuning
USA, Suzuki Garage Bahrain, Khalid Muhana,
Nasser Bin Hasher, Mahdi Aryan

Dedicated to late friend
Abdulrahman Almatouq


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  • “ Bike is running awesome and no out of the ordinary popping under load during downshifts at high rpm. My hats off to your team for making me feel like I have a personal tuner at my disposal. Really appreciate the quick turnaround to get me straight. I can definitely feel the extra power! ”

    Andy Young - Maryland Aug 28, 2018
  • “ This product is amazing.  I feel like I have a better version of my bike.  Like it should have come this way.  The throttle smoothness and even power band make it a joy to ride.  I no longer feel as if I'm riding a wild bronco lol. Thank you again, I didn't think that a L-twin could behave this well.  Also, your customer service is the best.  I could always reach you by email or phone.  I will tell everyone I know about this fantastic addition.  Keep up the great work, guys! ”

    Dan Martinez May 01, 2017
  • “ I have a 2015 S1000RR and was extremely skeptical when I heard about BrenTuning and the power they got out of an ECU flash.  After speaking with the team at BrenTuning, all my hesitations were put to rest and I haven't stop winning first place trophies since! BELIEVE THE HYPE! ”

    Troy Gleason - California Jul 10, 2016
  • “ Bren and his team did an awesome job on my bmw s1000rr. Went from 179rwhp an 83 rwtq to 206 rwhp and 93rwtq. Customer service was great and I highly recommend them for any of y'all that want to make that power!! ”

    Paul Jackson - Texas Jul 10, 2016
  • “ Purchased the tune for my 2015 BMW S1000RR. Was skeptical at first and initially had a bunch of questions. Chris was very patient with me and answered them all. Had some problems after receiving my ecu back and Chris was very helpful in getting all my issues worked out. Bike runs fantastic. Definitely worth it. Thank you again guys for dealing with my questions and taking care of everything before and after the purchase. Fantastic customer service. ”

    Cody Hunsucker - Tennessee Jul 10, 2016
  • “ After doing some research it was obvious that Brentuning was the best option for tuning of my S1000RR. I wont go into details but after multiple overnighting of parts to me at no additional charge, I'm really impressed and satisfied with the end result and I haven't even tried out my race fuel tune yet! To top if off I received a random care package of goodies from Chris today. The customer service at Brentuning is probably the best I've received from any business I've dealt with. Their email response times are unreal as well, lol. Literally sometimes instantly, kinda weird. lol. I would recommend any and everyone to Brentuning for your S1000RR tuning solution. If anyone has any questions or are hesitant before purchasing, feel free to shoot me a message and I'll help / assist / give you a more detailed opinion on my experience as well. ”

    Trey Hull - Texas Jul 10, 2016
  • “ I have the Bren Tuning ECU flash on my 2015 BMW S1000RR and it is unbelievable how fast this bike is. This tune is the best thing I got for my bikes. I have also did the Bren Tune for my 2014 BMW S1000r for which it just made this bike really nice. Bren Tuning is the best. ”

    Darnell Edwards - Maryland Jul 10, 2016
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